Pumpkins Gone Wild!!

Several crafty members of the UB GGSA got together October 18th to carve up some fun times and represent some Halloween holiday cheer.
Trevi and Nik prepare thier canvases...

Trevi's homage to Bacchus or the grad student's horn of plenty? On the lower right is Sonja's favorite muppet drummer!

Jessica's truly frightening pumpkin made to look even scarier by my obvious lack of photography skills....

Nice effects eh?

Kelley and Emily's pumpkin goodness. Will having a Marxist pumpkin in my house make the Right call me a communist ? Its ok, the kickass grim reaper Emily carved has my back.

Nik is obviously a Nihlist.

Useful puppy tool #9: Pumpkin goo cleaner up crew

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Alayna said...

God I miss you...hope you're having a good time up there and are happy! xoxoxo