August 31, 2008 - Vintage Mom

I dug this pic out of the album the other day, it didnt all scan in for some reason, but right below 1-78 it says ' married 1 week'.... this is one of the few, few pics I have of my parents time together. On a brighter note, this is my parents' then dog, Ty-Sticks, the original Ty (for those who remember him). As the story goes, Ty was hit by a car on the carnival lot while my dad was out celebrating my birth... sadness



August 30, 2008 - In the beginning...

Im working on digitizing a whole bunch of 35mm photos and think I'll start a whole vintage series of photos to include for my project 365 sumbissions, sure its not a new picture, but its still a snapshot into my life... ef off if you dont like it!
Here's some more old school shots of my daddy. I think he's around 18 here


August 29, 2008 - Time heals all wounds

Today is the 11th anniversary of my father passing away, one day when I have more time I might do a little theraputic writing about it but for now I just want to say that I think Im finally subscribing to the theory that time does heal all wounds. I still miss my dad terribly and I get pretty emotional when this day rolls around, but just out of some sort of tradition. I mean, I miss my dad everyday, I dont bottle it up all year and vent on this one day, just like people dont hold out on the good luvins' all year then spontaneously combust with candy hearts on Valentines Day. But really, I think back to the first few anniversaries of his death and it really messed me up, I had to sequester myself from everyone and just do my thing... but this year seems nothing like those first few years, I just carried on with my daily tasks... and even thought (for a moment) that the memory of his face his smell was getting a little fuzzy... and thats what made me sad.


August 28, 2008 - I knew it was coming...

Slave! Make me a map! No, not with fancy graphical software, write the code from scratch or I'll flog you with the sinuous dried up hopes and dreams of the all the failed graduate students before you!

Ok, my advisor didnt really say that, it was more like... I dont know how to do this, can you help? But its coming, I know, he's just being nice because its the first week...

Anyways, here's the map I made first thing this morning (while brushing my teeth no less). Its the Southwest Nevada Volcanic Field. It also includes the infamous Yucca Mountains and thier proposed nuclear repository site...joy!

It still needs a scale ect.. but Im a slacker you know... and because Im that much of a dork, Im posting the code... that and Im covering my ass for the day when I cant find it anywhere else.


for (my $i = 0; $i < _ =" <">;
($key, $value) = split " ",$_;
$H{$key} = $value;
print STDERR "$key $value\n";

$xstart = $H{xllcorner};
$ystart = $H{yllcorner}+5;
$nodata = $H{NODATA_value};
$grid = $H{cellsize};
print STDERR "Starting location: $xstart $ystart\n";
#$grid = 0.000833333333;
$x = $xstart;
$y = $ystart;

$min_val = 1e6;
$max_val = $nodata;
while (<>) {
@data = split " ",$_;
foreach my $cell (@data) {
#if ($cell == -500) {$cell = 0;}
if ($cell > $nodata) {
if ($cell < $min_val) {$min_val = $cell;} if ($cell > $max_val) {$max_val = $cell;}
printf "%.12f %.12f %d\n", $x, $y, $cell;
$x += $grid;
$y -= $grid;
$x = $xstart;


# File: SNVF.gmt
# Format: UNIX
# Author: Hintz, AR
# Date: August 27 ,2008
# Purpose: This code will generate a shaded relief map of the SNVF

#xyz2grd SNVF.dat.ll -GSNVF.grd -I0.000833333 -R-116.833/-116.1666/36.4166/37.25 -V

makecpt -Cgray.cpt -T-1500/2500/5 -V > SNVF.cpt

grdgradient SNVF.grd -Gintensity.grd -E60/30/=/0.5 -Nt0.5 -V

grdimage SNVF.grd -R -JM10i -CSNVF.cpt -P -E100 -Iintensity.grd -K -V > SNVF.eps

psbasemap -JM -R -Ba0.25g0.25 -V -O -K -P >> SNVF.eps

#psscale -Df-116.2/36.5/10 -P -V >> SNVF.eps


August 27, 2008 - After

Well this is the finished product, one semi-transparent, unbelievably accurate (c'mon I dare ya!, who do you know that has a sediment-laden pyroclastic flow faux stained glass office door window, not to mention the fragmentation illustrated in the conduit!) volcano of flavors... except calderas cause there boring... j/k calderas! were cool, call me sometime and we'll chill...


August 26, 2008 - more tales from the Physics Dept.

Ok, so I havent really had time to mingle with my own department but my friend Michelle wanted to show me around a bit and this is nostalgic piece of green history is plastered all over some physic's grad students office wall. Nice eh?


August 25, 2008 - Back in the grind

Today is the first day of my last stint in school, and I mean it this time!

Incidentally, I ran into an old friend from elementary school up through high school up here....go figure. We haven't seen or heard from each other since high school and now here we are, she's a physics student and Im working on a Ph effin' D!

Here's a fun pic of a guy in the physics department with a ridiculous stack of papers on his desk, he was more than happy to let me take a picture of it. I think Im going to like it here....


August 24, 2008 - Officemod 1.0

Exploration of my new department at school reveals that not only does every office/classroom in this particular building have cool doors with circular windows, but almost every single person blocks thier's off with plain white paper or some sort of construction paper/poster. Well, not to be outdone by white paper again I came up with this neeto idea of using some of my 'stained glass' paints to do a volcano mural on our lab window. I believe this serves two important purposes; First, we're protecting our privacy from would-be equipment thieves, chair stealers, and advisors with a quiet gate. Second, it clearly illustrates the badass nature of our volcanology lab. Duh.

Here is the initial sketch, seems to work, lab-mates like it... its a go!


August 23, 2008 - I didnt get to go to Iceland, but....

So that last post where I was all ecstatic about having a new office, windows etc... Well, I have to say that it pales in comparison to the fact that that there is also a kitchen! Can you believe this shit? A kitchen really, stove and all? Its even got an ice machine, hmmm... There's gonna be some serious bacon and egg mornings to drive the rest of the department crazy...



August 22, 2008 - Who's got a new office?

I DO!!! Look at that, whats that rectangular thing that allows me to see the outside world? A window? Can it be? Hoe'lee shite!... Are you seeing this Alain and Sophie? Thats right, my pasty, sun-light deprived friends, mwah ah ah ah! Dont worry you have plenty opportunity to rag on me back when winter gets here...


August 21, 2008 - End of days

Officially the last year of my twenties....shit!

Here's a blast from my more innocent past... My Baptism!!! (BTW, the Catholic church I was baptized in doesnt exist anymore...Im just sayin)


August 20, 2008 - Clyde Reynolds

'only time for one beer before me an Cledus gotta burn rubber before Buford T Justice catches up with us'... maybe its just me but my Papa was totally channeling Burt Reynolds back in the 70's, but as I understand it, wasnt everyone?


August 19, 2008 - The Wonder Years

Just trying to rescue a few old pictures for posterity or some shit, anyways, this is my family before it fractionated... 20 year olds having babies, crazy!!!

Habanera by the Swedish Chef and Beaker... genius

I'm feeling a bit better today but still kinda crappy. I was sitting here contemplating going back to bed for a bit when I ran across this muppets video (my fav. part is at 57 sec.) It totally cheered me up and I feel totally better. Take that homeopathy, aromatherapy, chiropractors and acupuncturists! All the pseudoscience in the world's got nothin on the Muppets!!!

On that note, I think wanting to watch the Muppet Show and Futurama are my two biggest reasons for wanting to buy a TV.


August 18, 2008 - Welcome to this world!

You gotta imagine the title to this blog post with Les Claypool's squishy bass flapping in the background off of pork soda... Today Nik and I became an aunt and uncle.. meet little niece EmeryHot mamma! She looks like a diva already! They must be getting her ready for the Arizona summers.

Is this crazy whackjob of a hippie running off with Em? Naw its just uncle Wyannt ;)

Love the emotive faces kiddo!


Censor bar art

August 17, 2008 - Passing Time

Today was the most beautiful day here in Buffalo. The high was in the mid-seventies, it was sunny and ever-so-slightly warm. Truly a day to be cherished...hack bleh ssppffttthhh... Oh yeah, Im still sick. So much for enjoying anything but hot tea and swallowing snot.

I dont know if you can read the temp. on my high-tech thermometer, but its somewhere between 76 and 80 in my house right now. Thats right, Im in denial of the great white coldness to come. You cant make me accept it you Yankees!!!


August 16, 2008 - Local Flora and Fauna

Just some stuff growing around my apartment. I figure I'd better enjoy it now, I doubt there's a such thing as 'winter flowers'

The Echinacea flower (Echinacea purpurea), also known as the purple cone flower, native. Supposed anti-depressant. <-- I can see that, they are awful pretty to look at.
complete with bee, click to see the full resolution in all its glory.

Pennsylvania Smartweed (Polygonum pensylvanicum), native. Important food for wildlife.

Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria), invasive. Derived from Europe, this pretty purple flower is choking out native plants from North American wetlands.

Thistle (Onopordum acanthium...translates to 'thorny plant that donkey eats'), super invasive noxious weed in the US.

White clover (Trifolium repens) , introduced.

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta), native. Same supposed uses as Echinacea.

Old Memories for Posterity I

I'll have to check with the family on this one, but I think this is a 'kids fashion show' at the Showmans' Club in Gibsonton. I look to be about 3-4, dont you just love our outfits, clearly this is the 'country' part of the show.


No phone Home...

Hey ya'll my phone is dead, so ya cant talk to me unless your a good at holler'in... Ah, but my new phone is on its way... the anticipation is a soothing feeling....

August 15, 2008 - All the pretty, pretty colors

The flowers planted all around my apartment complex, yes thats my building in the background... While Im thinking of it I should do some comparison shots for the winter months to come...


Have you seen this grrl?

Ive been ridiculously busy with the move... be back soon, with pics and stories to fill in the time gap...

August 13, 2008 - Missing Florida already???

Not that much, but if i do start to feel that pang of remorse for moving to blizzardy Buffalo, all I have to do is look at this picture. Really its a good picture, it represents something like 78% of the total population in Florida.... Naw, thats harsh, Im just peeved cause Ive been reading about creationists in Florida, and while evolution (rightfully) kept its place in the curriculum, it pisses me off that its even an issue. Look, Florida's got issues as it is, we don't need to widdle away what little science is taught in school and wonder why it is that Florida's public schools continually rank in the bottom 25 percentile in the nation. They say dont believe everything you read, well Ive taught so-called 'Education Majors' you know the men and women that want to teach our children, I believe it! I'll save my education major bashing for later, I really don't have time to get into that hot mess.


August 12, 2008 - Tales from the Chocolate Starfish

So anyway, Im sick and Barley has worms - unrelated **I hope** Oh and if by some wierdness my recent sickness does have something to do with worms, I'm totally posting pictures here!


August 11, 2008 - More of the stoner puppy

So I know Barley isnt the brightest crayon in the box, and she cant seem to understand the difference between my socks, Hokulea's face, and her chew toys. Its making me think that the post I did after she got fixed had nothing to do with anything the vet gave her...To further this idea, every frackin' (thats right, I just out geeked you) picture I take of the damn dog comes out looking like she's just cheeched on a major J. Oh well, whattaya gonna do?

I especially like this one, click for full res.

And finally, this needs some announcement... drum roll please.... our first meal in our new apartment! God I love that Nik went to culinary school. And I just knew if I got the funny square shaped plates he couldnt resist making dinners that look all fancy schmancy...

officially the end of the 'moving' posts. I decided.


August 9, 2008 - No mo drama!

What can I say? I refused to get involved, started a whipped cream fight, and now everyone is in love...


August 8, 2008 - Back on the chain gang

My cousin Mike was nice enough to bring most of our stuff up to Buffalo since he and his family were going to be there for the Erie County Fair. It was a really sweet deal and super nice of them to do that, otherwise we would only have been able to bring what would fit in the truck (after us and the dogs were in). Anyhoo, we had to go down to the fair before it opened to pick up the stuff and I got all nostalgic about my childhood and life in the carnival and all that, so I agreed to work the weekends for a friend of the family. That being said, let me just say this. Oh my god! Its true, you can never go home! I wasnt there a second until I was thrown into the heat of all the midway drama... good god.... there's actually alot to this, but its best I dont plaster it on the web...


August 7, 2008 - The Badness

This should have been the first sign that I had picked the wrong apartment complex... I dont want to get into too much detail about this yet since we've had to retain a lawyer over the matter, but look for more later...


August 6, 2008 - Cheesy tourists

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to have a baby on the state line?


August 4, 2008 - More of the same

You know, just all that natural beauty that we all take for granted either having too much of or not enough of. Some people live in places like this, some people save all their money to come to places like this, and others could care less if it was all turned into a parking lot.


August 3, 2008 - Where's my Epi-pen??

Some beautiful wildflowers growing on the side of the road in the smokies...COVERED IN BEES!!!
not nearly as cool as Henry Winkler covered in bees...Oh well...


August 2, 2008 - The dog daze of August

Here's Barley Wyne cooling off in some mud puddle near godknowswhere, NC


August 1, 2008 - News from the road

Click the image to see the full view, its kind of a cool shot of the VW being towed by the LC on a gasoline tanker