July 11, 2008 - Busted!

Meet one of the 10 million squirrels that currently reside on the USF campus. I took a little break today to feed some of the squirrels in hopes of getting a good picture. This is not a good picture. But its all I could get in during the brief period between thunderstorms. I decided to give the squirrels some of my desk nuts and really wished I had a fishing pole for a few minutes ;) I think this vulgar little bastard is happy to see me too, or he's an 'outie'


AlaskaMe said...

Well - while he could very well be an "outie" I am thinking he was happy to see you - what were you wearing? Were your panties showing?

volcanogodless said...

ha ha! You know I actually think this is a girl now, Ive since seen some of the boy squirrels and they have huge nutz (pun pun pun!) so I dont know what the hell that think is, maybe they have a nipple down there?