Things that piss me off...

Ok, so we live in a germ infested world, albeit a world armed with many powerful weapons of mass destruction to kick the shit out of anything that would even think of doing you harm, but a germ ridden world none the less. I accept this, in fact, I embrace it. I know too many people who were so sheltered from germs that they now live a sickly life due to their immune systems’ lack of knowledge of said germs.

So I play in the dirt, don't wash my hands 10 times a day, hell I don't even shower everyday( get over it!). I also firmly plant my fat ass on the public toilet seat. This is something I know lots of girls ( and I can only speak for us) have alot of issue with. How do I know this? Because there is always effin PEE on toilet seats!!!!!

Listen, I understand your gonna have a pink panty melt down if you have to put your little ass on the public toilet and risk getting the happies (of course these are probably the same girls who will have anal sex with the random bar guy in the very same bathroom after 3 beers, roofies optional) but some of us dont mind sitting on the seat. Unless of course its covered in your effin PEE cause you cant aim! Remember your not a guy, and even they have trouble, if you cant sit on the toilet to pee, at least have the common sense and decency to wipe it off after your done.

I mean, do you really think everyone in the world who uses that bathroom squats above the toilet to pee and no one is bothered? Or that people dont mind sititng in someone elses pee? You care enough about your ass to not want to put it on the seat, so why make it even filthyier for the next person? I cant understand how some people can be so self centered and not notice this MAJOR FUCKING DILEMMA in society!

So ladies, I put it to you... do you sit or squat? Am I alone in my little meltdown here?

Thank you.


Ryan Garou said...

Dang I need one of those signs ... the kids here at my school library are apparently afraid to use the urinals ... it ain't really my concern where a man does his business but they can't even be bothered to wrap a seat cover around their hand and lift the toilet seat, nor can they aim properly ... tired of being expected to play maid in the restroom

Alayna said...

I too firmly plant my happy ass on the seat! I HATE how dirty women leave the toilet no common courtesy left in this would at all!

AlaskaMe said...

Well so far it's the three of us that plant our ass to pee - maybe because we have seen and done worse? Or more actually it's because I am either to lazy or too drunk to hold myself up off the seat. When I was in China I held it for hours just so I wouldn't have to squat to pee - imagine how embarassing for my legs to give out while the 90 year grandma next to me manages to stay up. Besides if girls are going to squat then they should lift the toilet seat up like the men.