July 13, 2008 - Whoops!

An interesting thing happened last night... It started out innocently enough, Nik and I just wanted to go out an have a nice romantic dinner at Simply Thai. Unfortunately, by the time we got moving everthing was closed. What to do? Eh, go to O'Briens (my old neighborhood's irish-themed pub). It was nice to kick back and have a few drinks, and as always I ran into someone from high school there. Skip to hours later and we've closed down the bar, gone to my friend Jeremy's house and Nik passes out. I actually had a great time, Jeremy and I (drunkenly) argued over the safety of airplanes vs. cars for something like 5 hours. And to top the night off we had a bit of a fist fight. Hey, at least I took off the brass knuckles before I landed one on his jaw! Good times! Seriously, it was nice to stop thinking about my thesis for a few hours and to be fair, my jaw is sore today too ;)
Oh, and here is today's P-365 sumbission

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