August 11, 2008 - More of the stoner puppy

So I know Barley isnt the brightest crayon in the box, and she cant seem to understand the difference between my socks, Hokulea's face, and her chew toys. Its making me think that the post I did after she got fixed had nothing to do with anything the vet gave her...To further this idea, every frackin' (thats right, I just out geeked you) picture I take of the damn dog comes out looking like she's just cheeched on a major J. Oh well, whattaya gonna do?

I especially like this one, click for full res.

And finally, this needs some announcement... drum roll please.... our first meal in our new apartment! God I love that Nik went to culinary school. And I just knew if I got the funny square shaped plates he couldnt resist making dinners that look all fancy schmancy...

officially the end of the 'moving' posts. I decided.

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