August 29, 2008 - Time heals all wounds

Today is the 11th anniversary of my father passing away, one day when I have more time I might do a little theraputic writing about it but for now I just want to say that I think Im finally subscribing to the theory that time does heal all wounds. I still miss my dad terribly and I get pretty emotional when this day rolls around, but just out of some sort of tradition. I mean, I miss my dad everyday, I dont bottle it up all year and vent on this one day, just like people dont hold out on the good luvins' all year then spontaneously combust with candy hearts on Valentines Day. But really, I think back to the first few anniversaries of his death and it really messed me up, I had to sequester myself from everyone and just do my thing... but this year seems nothing like those first few years, I just carried on with my daily tasks... and even thought (for a moment) that the memory of his face his smell was getting a little fuzzy... and thats what made me sad.

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