August 8, 2008 - Back on the chain gang

My cousin Mike was nice enough to bring most of our stuff up to Buffalo since he and his family were going to be there for the Erie County Fair. It was a really sweet deal and super nice of them to do that, otherwise we would only have been able to bring what would fit in the truck (after us and the dogs were in). Anyhoo, we had to go down to the fair before it opened to pick up the stuff and I got all nostalgic about my childhood and life in the carnival and all that, so I agreed to work the weekends for a friend of the family. That being said, let me just say this. Oh my god! Its true, you can never go home! I wasnt there a second until I was thrown into the heat of all the midway drama... good god.... there's actually alot to this, but its best I dont plaster it on the web...

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