August 13, 2008 - Missing Florida already???

Not that much, but if i do start to feel that pang of remorse for moving to blizzardy Buffalo, all I have to do is look at this picture. Really its a good picture, it represents something like 78% of the total population in Florida.... Naw, thats harsh, Im just peeved cause Ive been reading about creationists in Florida, and while evolution (rightfully) kept its place in the curriculum, it pisses me off that its even an issue. Look, Florida's got issues as it is, we don't need to widdle away what little science is taught in school and wonder why it is that Florida's public schools continually rank in the bottom 25 percentile in the nation. They say dont believe everything you read, well Ive taught so-called 'Education Majors' you know the men and women that want to teach our children, I believe it! I'll save my education major bashing for later, I really don't have time to get into that hot mess.

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